Duke vs. Gonzaga (Thursday)


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9-0 ATS in college BB in the last week

Gonzaga +141 on ML (Pinnacle overnight)

I like The Zags to win on Thursday over Duke. We get good value here since Ga. beat Gonzaga earlier in the week as their guards hit for 65 points. The Duke guards are not as quick and offensive minded. I like Ravio and Pargo to control the game and lead them to a win.

This line (+141) is the overnight line at Pinnacle so look for the best available line.

Gonzaga +141 (ML)


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At 1am Eastern it is +140 at Olympic.

The game is being played on a neutral court (New York City).


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I lost my _ss on my last play with the Zags v.s JawJaw! I wonder if I can get it back on this one? Duke is tough!



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Reddog,Do you think they wiil play as up beat as they did against Ga, it reminded me of an NBA all star game the way they were running up and down the floor.My book has a 143 total, what do you think of that number. Also do you think Duke was looking ahead when the played Kent St. or are they not all the great? Your on a great run in BB and the Conf. Games usually don't start for another 2 weeks, that to me is awsome.As Always


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GU was lethargic against Georgia. They were coming off finals week the week before. Going back 6-7 years they have always struggled with that game. Few laid into them in the press and I can only imagine what happened behind closed doors. They have been in New York since Monday (never came back to Spokane after the Georgia game) so travel is a mute point.

GU has played to the level of their competition. Struggle with Georgia, WSU & Butler. Then beat North Carolina, Univ. Wash. There was a article in the local paper today that GU has played an ACC opponenet 9-10 times and only lost once. that would include beating 6 top 10 ranked teams. Included were: NOrth Carolina, Virginia, Clemson, Maryland and others.

With you on the Zags tonight......


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I have Gonzaga winning by 75-70.

Phone Man, thanks for the added info on Gonzaga. They have played well vs. the ACC over the years.

Duke's team is very young with only 2 upperclassmen and no seniors getting playing time.

JR Nelson
JR McClure
So McRoberts
So Paulus
So Pocius
FR Henderson
FR Scheyer
FR Thomas
FR Zoubek


SR Raivio
SR Mallon
JR Pendergraft
JR PM A-C (Spelling B's should use his name and Coach K's in the next contest)
JR Kuso
So Pargo
So Heyvelt
FR Bouldin
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Congrats on a great run, 9-0 is awesome! I like Zags too because of inexperience of Duke...like them in 1H more so than the full game.

BUT...I find it interesting that nobody seems to be on Duke in this game....everywhere I look, I see Zags, Zags...and that concerns me. If Vegas wanted balanced action, why is Duke favored? I know Zags already beat UNC in the same arena (MSG)...and they were 8 pt dogs in that one...so something's not right here. Either Vegas underestimates how much people like Duke (by making them fav)....or Duke getting too much respect as "no 6" team in the nation vs. a Powerful mid-major (zags)? HMMMMMMM...

Still thinking...leaning towards Zags 1st half...but like I said, all I see is Zags everywhere.

PS...Big Duke fan here...but I haven't followed them much...I just know they are young and not as talented as years past.