GC: Friday Euro 2021 Turkey vs Italy Opening Round

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At 3:00 eastern the Euro 2020 played in 2021 Opening round play is on Italy at 3:00 eastern. The Azzurri has never lost to a Turkish squad going 7-0 with 3 draws sprinkled in. While both teams have quality all over the field the Italians have the better overall talent and a coaching edge. Turkey could be a dark horse in this Tourney. The Italians However have beat the likes of Norway, The Netherlands and Moldova as they have won 4 with 2 draws this year. Italy has piping hot form unbeaten since the 2019 Nations cup and 8 of the wins were clean sheet Masterpieces, the last of which was a 4-0 win last week over the Czech Republic. Roberto Mancini will have his team ready and with more experience we expect them to get a tight win over Turkey. Play on the Azzurri on Friday- GC