Kids plays for Saturday

Sonny Palermo

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Under "thing."
Week 1: 1-3
Week 2: 3-2
Week 3: 3-2
Week 4: 1-0
Total: 8-7
Not as azz kickin as past two seasons, but got into the black with last week's play. Two games this week:
Ark St/Iowa Un 45
Miss/Vandy Un 44

Low #'s so I don't like 'em, but bought 'em both.
Good luck with your play today . . .

Sonny Palermo

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Hope some got the 1st game late, as 45' showed for a hook winner.
I bought early so got the push, and the win in the late game, so no complaints (except for that bit about not getting the hook!)



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Two nice calls Boss. For some reason I had 44.5 written down on my sheet and all day long thought it was a winner. Evidently, I cannot add worth a ####.