Kids, Week 3

Sonny Palermo

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The "Under" thing went 3-2 last week (I faded two of them and, of course, went 0-2.)
So, 1-3 week one, 3-2 week two, total 4-5.

A few spots this week, first up Boise St/Fresno St Un 54.

Number was 54' and I didn't buy properly, waited thinking it would go up.
I think Boise can score that many themselves, they put up 61 on these guys last year, but I bought it.

Boise St./Fresno St Un 54 (don't like it)


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Glad to see the under, but not the don't like. I think this is a different Boise team than LY. Better D not as explosive O. Plus I think Fresno tries to run [even though that is likely a mistake as Boise allows 1.6 YPC] I am hoping for a running clock tonight. Plus we won't be subjected to that blue field. Makes me think I am on acid again.

Sonny Palermo

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Bad news Breakeven - their field isn't blue.

I very rarely think these things look good; last week, the two I liked the least - and faded - both won, so what do I know. If I ever get a free minute I'm going to check last year's plays here and see the record for ones I marked "don't like."
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Sonny Palermo

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Loss last night puts these at 4-6 now.
Here are the other four for this week.
Haven't bought any yet, tempted to fade (cuz it worked so well for me last week at 0-2, and last year at 0-2.)
Not sure what I'll do, just FYI purposes for now.

Boise St/Fresno St Un 54' (don't like it) L
Temple/Penn St Un 45' (not sure)
Neb/V Tech Un 51 (really don't like it)
NWest/Syr Un 45 (don't like it)
BG/Mar Un 50 (not sure)