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For 8 innings last night it looked like I was going to start today's post with "never change your answer on a quiz" after I changed my mind and posted a play on LAA. But riding Maryann was profitable once again as she came on like Secretariat at the end, 2 runs in the 9th, 1 in the 10th to win it.

She's saddling up again today as LAD fits the profile.
Let's see if we can go for a win on the same profile, in the same city, different team, back to back nights. LAD -150.

Same game, same spot as the . . . wait a minute. Be right back.
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OK, I realized, mid-sentence above post, apparently, assigning names to differentiate between the 7 profiles I will use over the second half is not helping, as I mixed up my Ginger and Maryann's.
Last night was Ginger, 5 in a row based;
Maryann is based on combined total runs the night before.
Tonight is a Ginger play.

Home today, left charts in my office, so I can't check past games to find hwo they fit other parameters aside from the base "5 in a row" - wanted to see how many of the games involved teams that had off the previous night (like LA tonight) rather than played and won (better momentum?)

Also, can't find a post I did here recently, where I had a game circled that was not a true fit for an Under (I think it was an Under; a 'Betty') because 1 of the teams did not play to the Under in their previous start.

I found that previous game was actually a push not an over, and was wondering if it fits the paramaters; in other words, is it
"to qualify as a play on the under both teams must have played under in their last game"
or is it
"to qualify as a play on the Under neither team can be off an Over the night before" ?

Anyway, can't find the post; I know I didn't chart it (it won.) I was trying to decide if they should count or not, still not sure but a similar spot today in Fla/LAD.
Since that is the lowest graded parameter (least important) I think I'll just note them as a sub category, rather than a profile play.

I saw "Murder Unveiled" last night.
Mind-boggling AND hypocritical that people who talk of honor, respect and shame have zero themselves, the mother a truly despicable piece of sub-humanity.
The local members of the sect should drag her and the uncle out of their mansion and beat them to death on the streets, and let RCMP ignore it like they are the extradition process that would bring preferred justice.
But that's just my opinion.
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Pop quiz, a prize to the winner, I'll e-mail you a play.

What is the correct answer to the age old question "Ginger or Maryann?"


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OK Professor (er Sonny) to recap we won on the Angels last night and we are backing the Dodgers to win by 1 tonight? Correct?