MLB card for Tue

Sonny Palermo

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The Babe: Min/Oak Un, Az/Col Un 9'
Maryann: Min/Oak

Bought Az/Col, waiting on Min/Oak (after yesterday's run fest this one will get Over action, and we'll get a better price later today.)

Sonny Palermo

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You're welcome guys, and thanks.

Hey J, where ya been?
Football's coming and it's good to see old buds popping in again. Thanks for the reply.

Top D, I have not forgotten. Just a slight delay. You will be hearing from me.

An OK day, I guess.
Missed with Az/Col when the Rocky staff gave up 2-2-2 in the 6, 7 and 8th,
but the Min/A's game came in and saved me.
Dropped a little juice for any who played both, picked up .9 if anyone played 1 unit for each profile on the A's game (I didn't.)

We did get this out of it though, and anyone who read my last post caught it as I detailed it here on Saturday: "and when the BABE and Maryann are both active in the same game it's 8-3."
Now 9-3.
Seems like a safe play . . .
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i was going to play the minny game but saw it go from 9.5 when you first started this thread to 8.5 before game i didn't play anything...good to see a winning day (depending how you invested the units)