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Sonny Palermo

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Just finished some 'capping, two near misses on totals in 2 NL games, for the spot that needs 5 qualifiers in the AL and 4 in the NL.
Just missed getting active spots on LA/NY & Wash/Col.
LA/NYM game misses on an Un play because LA is off an Over in their last game (of the 4 parameters this is the least of them, I rate the others stronger, sometimes I buy a play if this particular criteria is not met, but they do not get added to the tracking chart.)
Wash/Col misses an Un play due to the HR category.

I'm on the game in the post above, may/may not add either or both of these.
Just info sharing . . .


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Sonny, is a question how is posible to predict with pitcher Dustin Nippert no stats this season first game of the season, at road and last season ERA 6.40? extrem high?

and John Lackey vs opponent Texas BAA. is .349 extrem high?

plus last 3 meeting went over, umpire Cooper 9-2 last 11 games OVERS?

maybe your idea is betting inversa of logical ? JAJAJA!!!

Normally I will go 5 Innings Over in this game.
Is a QUESTION, no get mad JAJAJA!!
gracias, and let me know what do you think about it?

Sonny Palermo

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No problem, amigo.

Some profiles use pitcher stats, some don't.
This particular profile does not involve individual pitchers.

Looking for games that qualify does not include checking the daily pitching match-ups,
it's situational based, regarding how all teams in the league perform in a certain situation.

On this particular spot, I stopped questioning it and just started playing it sometime around mid-May, because the record warranted it.
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thanks Sonny,
I really don´t believe what happening this season,
why not like last season great season ever for me in bets MLB!

Sonny Palermo

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That's why I do mucho research each year and look for new spots that are profitable.

Each new season brings change, what worked one year may not work the next, what has worked for 5 years may stop in the 6th year.

You can never learn all there is to learn as a capper, it's an always-evolving process and you have to constantly work at it and adapt.


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Good Fortune to you fellas!!! I hope your hard work is richly rewarded -- If I wasn't spending so much of my day "moon walking" around my neighborhood today, maybe I could add something of value to this post!?! However on my next lap I'll think good thoughts about your plays and hope it has a positive effect on the games out come??,,,,, rags

P.S. I used to be able to make the Sun shine from pure desire,, but in my advanced age
the "desire" seems to be waning... oh well off to the moon--walk that is...bol


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I picked this game as an Over before reading this thread. I see that the wind is slated to be blowing in from left field at 5-15 m.p.h. Still, these two teams are both punishing the ball right now and send out two pitchers that no-one will confuse with Cy Young (Lackey is 10-10 lifetime against the Rangers with a 5.79 ERA in 28 starts against them. Nippert will be making his 2009 debut. He has been sidelined with a strained muscle in his right shoulder suffered in spring training. In 20 appearances (six starts) for the Rangers last season he was 3-5 with a 6.40 ERA.)

I can't help but think that this Total sails into double-digits. Then again this is MLB where really weird crap happens daily!

Good Luck Sonny, I'm staying away!


Sonny Palermo

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Sorry, Lackey just imploded in the 5th, including walking 2 to load the bases, then a wild pitch, gave up 6; this one is going over.
My bad on the 20 thing, too, could have sworn I posted fyi, Cin/Philly was in the 20 or more runs spot I noted here last week, was 9-6 Un, 10-6 now.

Sonny Palermo

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Way to pick em!
The two that just missed qualifying as play both win,
so does the Cin/Philly game that I charted (Un after combined 20 or >)
and I lay off those and played the Tx/LAA loser.
Numbers (34-13) warranted it though, but 2 straight L's in that one now.
Nothing today on either of those spots.
I'm off to cap the other stuff . . .