MLB Thursday June 21


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Hi folks,

Yesterday Sides 8-6 / +0.42 and Totals 6-3 / +3.03.

Today the following...



OAK +111
ARI +189
NYM –175
NYY –185
BOS –280

BAL –119
ANA +132
CLE –158
PHI –120
FLA +120
HOU –153
CHC +104


MIN v CLE Under 10 ½ -105
ANA v TEX Under 11 ½ -110
MTR v NYM Under 8 ½ -115
CIN v HOU Under 11 ½ +100
ARI v COL Under 12 ½ -105

NYY v DET Over 9 –110
CWS v BAL Over 9 +100
BOS v TAM Over 7 ½ -110
SEA v OAK Over 9 ½ -105
PHI v PIT Under 9 +100
CHC v STL Over 8 ½ -110
SFG v SDG Over 8 –110

Good luck!

Sonny Palermo

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sittin with a friend, we just wanted to say
"ve gates" ??
did I get that one right?

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Well my friend,

The spelling is pretty....let's say bold...but when you pronounce it properly its a perfect Wie geht's?

It geht gut (goes fine). Just came home spoke a few words on your answering machine (hope that was yours - couldn't understand a word) then checked the scores and hey - 3 winners already (FLA, SEA/OAK Over and either the Over or the Cubs).

What a way to end the day (close to midnight over here).

Speak to you tomorrow.

Sonny Palermo

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If you couldn't understand a word then it was my machine!

Keep meaning to get a new one but never comes to mind when I'm at the store.

I'm betting one of my friends (probably Spatz) will give me one for x-mas because they are so pissed off from tryin to leave messages on the one I have!!