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Got a couple of fits today.
NY/TB Un 9 -125 fits The Babe,
Cubs -108 fits Ginger,
Wash/Milw Un 10' -110 gives us a spot on Maryann,
Cubs team total Under fits Sandra (thanks to Yaqui for this 8-1 play.)
Records for all plays are in the other thread.

I bought in on The Babe and Maryann.
Not sure what, if anything, I'll do on the other two.
Playing both leaves me with a limited window in which to win.
Ginger has been around longer, a lot of success with it, but Sandra has the better overall W % this season.
I'll probably just stick with the two plays.
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Sonny...FYI in Milwaukee, as you probably know, Villanueva is starting out of the pen for the Crew. 60 pitches is the word. And then you get a pen that works like a broken fence, things just keep pouring over it and running free. All of those scare me, which means your trend is probably the right play. Plus it's darkest before dawn and heads are wanted in cheeseland after last night, so contrarian says....

Sonny Palermo

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Thanks for the notification.
I played it earlier today and will go back to make sure I wagered on "action" and not listed. Most of the spots I use, all but two in fact, are based on league-wide results, and not related to pitching matchups.

Last time we had this play was Sunday, when St L and Phil fit, and it lost.
We used Washington in the Pamela spot the other day (night to day spot; July 26 I think it was) and I didn't like them then, but we collected, so I'll try them again in this one.
On D they'll give it up like a prom date,
but hopefully they score about as well as Childress did with Favre . . .
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Braun is very good at getting big hits when it doesn't matter. And the two strike meatball in top of 8 didn't help. And the beat goes on....

Your plays make the subscription price so worth it, lol.

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Yeah, for a minute there, I almost thought we were going to slide in by the hook . . .
And I needed it to stay even at 2-2 for the night rather than 1-3, cuz I did a late add on and got hammered on the 2 Chi spots; losing Oswalt to injury probably didn't help Cubs team total Under spot;
no hindsight/regrets though, all three had strong #'s behind them.

I just checked the log, top spot is now 44-16 after yesterday;
it is the only spot active today, but it's in the Cubs game, and is only 5-5 on day games that are not Sat or Sun spots.
I think those #'s are here in the forum, posted on the 7/9 Tor/TB day game I stayed off of (and it won); but I believe it was 4-5 going into that one, so at 5-5 there is no edge in the midweek day games, and with the winds at Wrigley I'll stay off the Cubs game, although that was the plan yesterday too and I ended up with a play . . .

Another thought on Cubs game - I don't trust Cooper, does this guy want to win?
He really hung Wright out to dry last night, 1 hit and FIVE walks in an inning;
after the 5th walk even the announcer commented on Cooper not coming out to get him in a 6-3 Astro's game suddenly turned 6-5:
"Well, this is certainly bizzarre - and he doesn't even have anyone warming up in the bullpen!"

LA/St L fits 4 of 5 for an Under on the Betty play, the only miss that category I rank last, "off an Under last game."

May play one. May play none. May play both.
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Sonny Palermo

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And what did I say about Cooper?
EIGHT frigging runs, TWO home runs, FOUR walks, in just over three innings,
and he still leaves Hampton in.

Now NINE runs in, another single, another walk, and . . . Hampton is still pitching!

I haven't seen more than 1-2 Astro games, but from what I've seen Cooper doesn't seem to understand the object is to try and prevent the other team from scoring . . .

I mean, honestly, who leaves a guy in after nine runs??!!