Olympics Mens Golf


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Just a few minutes before it gets started...

EW plays
Abe Ancer +2000
Jo Niemann +2400
Cam Smith +2500

Sebastian Munoz +180 Top 20
Mito Periera +190 Top 20

Tournament Matchups
CamSmith -110 over TomFleetwood
JonVegas -120 over MacHughes


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Round 2 Matchups:
RorySab +125 over Mito
CoreyConners -110 over Bez
TomPieters -110 over CarlOrtiz
JT +100 over Hideki

TomPieters +110 Top10
JonVegas +140 Top10
RyanFox +375 Top20


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No one with more than a Longshot to win...but all in play for places.

Round 4 Matchups:
Bez +100 over Sungjae
TomPieters -120 over Guido

Sébastien Munoz +225 Top5
CoreyConnors +350 Top10