RBC Heritage - Harbor Town


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Was a very nice Masters week and certainly a cool winner in Hideki. Now on to my favorite non-major, as I have played Harbor Town many times.

Per usual, do not really do much wagering until Round 1 is complete.
As far as pre-tournament win/EW
If you are looking at the top, I would either go Webb at +1100 or Morikawa at +1800
Next tier I like Fitz at +2100
Longshots that have some interest
Stew Cink at +10000
Matt NeSmith at +12500
Doc Redman at +17500

If you want to go wayyyy off the beaten path:
Bryson Nimmer at +60000

Back with the daily matchups after tomorrow.


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Connors is a machine right now.

Round 2 Matchups:
RussHenley -132 over Bez
ShaneLowry -110 over IanPoulter
Webb -162 over PaulCasey
MattWallace -109 over LucasGlover
DougGhim +116 over CharleyHoffman


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Looks like we have plenty of guys in play based on the posts above: cink, morikawa, Fitz, Connors. But Cink certainly controls things right now.

One so far to add
AbeAncer +400T5/+150T10


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1-2-2 today on matchups. Four of the five went right to the last hole.

Round 3 Matchups:
AlNoren -109 over MattNeSmith
RorySab -117 over BriceGarnett
RyMoore -148 over HarryHiggs
DylFritelli -136 over BrianStuard
LucasGlover -117 over MichaelThompson
TomHoge +102 over HVIII
ColinMorikawa -129 over Sungjae


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Cink sure looks to be in control of this thing. Morikawa is matching Cink T2G so if he gets hot on the greens, it could get interesting.

Ancer was right where we needed him until a double on 17. Need a good one from him tomorrow.

KevinStreelman +150/T10

Matchups were 3-2-2 today.
Round 4 Matchups:
RyMoore -152 over HarryHiggs
ScottHarrington +130 over ChaseSieffert
RobbieMac -129 over AlNoren
BrenTodd -129 over DennyMc
ChrlieHoffman -167 over MavMcnealy
CoreyConnors -152 over Bez


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Hey Havy...my book usually has different matchups. What do you think of these ones?
Conners -105 over Harman
Henley -105 over Bez
Good luck today!


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Think Conners is in a good spot today. I would go with him over Harman. I would go with Henley in that other match as well.


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Didn't want a jinx it earlier but that was quite the pick from start to finish...those odds and he looked the winner from round 1! 👌


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Great call!! Shoulda tailed the old lad ffs. Cashed a bit with Fitz. Disappointing finish for Morikawa. He musta been into the sauce.. 🤣🤣