Round 1, Day 2


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Booked three series bets for Round 1 as well as a flat bet for today.

Flat bet: NYI +116

Series x 3

NYI +128

WPG +175

MTL +260



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Awesome, thanks EE. Playoffs... anything can happen.

Added another exact series play: COL in 6 at +381 (Pinnacle)

Blues can play tough and Binnington might steal one, but Avs are healthy at the right time. The odds on winning in 5 were only +290 and 6 jumped up to +381 so I took a shot.


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Series update, looking good so far and guaranteed to make a profit with the Isles and Jets in at plus-money but it would be oh so sweet to see the Habs battle back from 3-1 to win. Game 5 was the best of the series IMHO and with 2,000 fans in attendance, Game 6 at MTL should be great.

NYI +128 over PGH; 100-128 at SIA — W (NYI in six)

WPG +175 over EDM; 100-175 at SIA — W (WPG in four)

MTL +260 over TOR; 100-260 at SIA — pending

Added COL in 6 at +381; 100-381 at P — L (COL in four)

My updated record with flat bets through Round 1 is 8-6 for +4.1 units and tonight for Game 7 I played VGK on the PL and the OV 5. Need to see some offense in this one and even if it takes an empty netter (or two), I think they'll get to six.