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OK, that was ugly last night, and it doesn't get any better today as both the same games I used yesterday fit the Babe for Sunday, LAA again (Un 10), and Chi/Fla (Un 8'), which was in a different profile yesterday; as good as she's been to me this season she's been average lately, but I'm still on her.
Also, SD -120 fits Ginger. I bought all three.


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Time to get a new girl friend Just kidding "Go home with the girl you brought at the dance". GL

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Ever since I assigned names to these things they have underperformed, and again yesterday at 1-2.

Here's the thing that's really messing with me - I'm using 7 different profiles, I could see if one or two started heading south as all things tend to even out after a while, but six of the seven have a losing record over the last 2 weeks.

On Saturday, I had to start a new note book to chart in, the old one ran out of pages, and in the new one I numbered the profiles - no mention of names.

I won't adjust plays though, I'll stick with them for the next two weeks and see if they come around. If not, I'm in trouble. But no reason to panic, yet. Experience tells you - during the course of the long MLB season you have to expect at least 2 losing streaks. I survived one back in early June, now in end of July/1st 2 days of August I'm in my second one.
Need to pull out of it this week. No biggie.
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Got to love betting on sports Sonny. Hit 5/5 mid week and then I go 0/4 the next night?? GL and will follow along today's plays if any.

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I'm OK, I just did my books for June, banked 4.84 in MLB for July.

I dropped about 2 MLB units in June, banked plus money in April and May, so I'm doing fine. I'll take 3 of 4 winning months any time in baseball (factoring in of course that the 1 losing month is less than than each of the 3 winners and not more than the total of the 3!)

If I can survive August (down 3 + juice so far) and get to football I should be OK . . .

CORRECTION - +3.34 (+4.84 had a little golf $ in there.)
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Hey Sonny, will you "walk away from the table" if you get up a couple of units overall for the year? Even if it's a week or two to go before you start your serious football 'capping?

I'm rooting for you to have a plus balance for the entire baseball season - tough thing to do as we sweat out the summer months waiting, waiting . . .

And as an aside, hope you're doing great in all your endeavors.
No worries Sonny! Coming from a poker backround i know all about swings the only # that matters is the one at the end of the year.

Ufc 101 this week, im loving BJ Penn back at 155 pounds. From all the research and i have done it looks like he is taking this fight serious so cardio shouldn't be a problem. Pretty much parlaying everything i bet this week in baseball with him. I got him at -180 earlier but like him all the way up to -250.
U look into anything yet on this card.

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I'm already up overall on the season, started off in the plus side in April;
only month in the negative was June, and that was only 2 units and a little juice. Tomorrow or Wed. I will do a print out of all July games and compare it to June, check my goals set at July 1 to see how I measure, etc, but I won't end the season yet. The profiles still have high %'s and I'll ride them in August.
Other endeavors going extremely well, life is good.
And closing in on finishing my 2nd manuscript and looking forward to turning it into my agent and seeing if they'll go to work on selling it and the first one.

UFC and boxing both on back burner, didn't even watch the Campbell bout this weekend. I'll be on one fight in Sept that I know of, will post it here when I buy in.


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Ooh kudos on being up for the year; I misread.

And even greater that you're finishing up the second manuscript! Awesome The second one usually is much easier to sell as you have refined your voice and craft. Lots of authors come back years later and rewrite their "first book" and then sell it well after they've been published multiple times.

Glad to hear life is sweet.


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Not sure which is easier, writing a full length is hard, for me anyway, I'm more of a 'columns' kind of guy.

First one may have been easier because I never planned on writing it and had years worth of notes and scribbles in notebooks that I used to form the m/s.
Plus, it had much more 'stream of conciousness' flow to it, the muse was very busy, words were just flowing; my current one has flashes, but overall has required more discipline and effort.
Took about a year from start to finish.

Second one does have the advantage you mentioned, I'm a little more experienced at it now, hopefully better at it, though I think I always had "active not passive" down and a good voice to write with.
This one is a little more than a year in the works, and still 30-60 days from being done.
I'm at 201 pages ready-to-go, with about 30 pages of notes to convert, shooting for approx. 300 pages, avg. novel length.
Doing a lot of writing for other projects though (another reason current m/s needs more discipline to stay at it), ones that keep bread (yes Top Dago, garlic bread, of course) on the table and just to be able to do that is a blessing.

I'll drop a chptr in here when I'm done.
Hope all is well with you . . .
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