Sunday MLB card

Sonny Palermo

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Missed yeserday with Cle/Sea.
Today, two top spots, TB/Tor Un 9 and Cle/Sea Un 8'.
Two other spots, same as yesterday's spot active in today's SD/Wash game, Un 8' and St L/Phil fits 'Maryann.'

Can't say I like the numbers we get, especially when factoring in recent scoring by the likes of Cle, St L, and Phil, but "A play is a play is a play is a . . ." so, I bought all four spots.

Good luck with your play today. . .


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Boss,like also TB Under with Nieman and Toronto flat.
Wash with Lannan looks under too
Suerte gran Jefe

Sonny Palermo

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You're welcome Yaq.
TB/Tor Un seems to be a popular choice with the pub, I don't like that, but it fits the top profile, so with that record I have to play a unit.

Sonny Palermo

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Considering that I have been not adverse to laying off plays that fit the system but are also ones I don't particularly like, you'd think I would have not played Phils/St L. yesterday, for reasons noted above.
Or, another money management method would have been to be satisfied with the 2-1 morning, and bought off the later game in Seattle, avoided hot hitting Cleveland, and ensuring a profit on the day.

Oh well, a 2-2 split, dropped .05 in MLB,
but banked small bucks on the day thanks to the NASCAR play in the other thread (go Smoke!)

Nothing fits today, so I'm off. I have a nice profit in July, no way I'll blow it in just the few days remaining, so month 4 of the MLB season will go in the books on the + side.
Now, just need to survive August (by Sept I'll be off MLB and into football) and the Beast will be tamed for another year . . .
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