The latest Government screwing

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Last year the government passed new banking laws, supposedly to protect consumers (as if the gov ever does anything for reasons other than to benefit themselves and cronies.) It was supposed to save us from credit card charges, outlawing the "fine print" clauses that banks used to increase credit lines without informing customers and raise interest rates without informing you - and jacking you for ridiculously high rates.
Of course, if you're on the ball and monitored these things the banks were unable to screw you, so it was a law put in place, supposedly, to save the naive, ignorant and those lacking discipline.

And when it passed I said, "Sure, like the banks won't just find other ways to to make up for that lost revenue."

I'm travelling, not in Vegas where my bank is located.
I did an ATM withdrawal the other day.
The charge? $5.00 - double what is was the last time I did it.
No stopping at $3 or $4, straight from $2.50 to $5.00

Other changes I've seen or heard of:

No more "free checking with a balance of $1000 or more" (and from what I understand they did this in typical banking fashion - w/out notifying their customers; they just started taking fees from accounts that dipped below $1000.)

Reductions in bonus points for cc usage.

Increases in transfer fees, including, get this - fees for depositing!
Yup, I've seen two different kinds:

1- I am now charged a fee for depositing - DEPOSITING - foreign checks. They call it "foreign collection fees." One of my banks has been trying to pull this for years, but others did not. No more. Now they all do it. The fees range from $10 to $50. At Wells Fargo I have been quoted 3 different amounts - $10, $25 and $30 - different rates at different branches of the same bank!

So, to go around that, instead of having checks sent, just do a money transfer, right? Not any more, because . . .

2 - I am now charged for transferring money from one bank to another, foreign or domestic!
I used to only pay a $25 fee at the bank I was taking money from, I now have to also pay the bank I am transferring to.

Next up? Charging "rent" for "storing" your money . . .
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Yup. "Reform" all too often is transferring more of the burden to those responsible enough to carry their own weight. There is no way in Haites that illegal immigration 'reform' is amnesty. It should be a crackdown on employers and enforced borders. Otherwise call it what it is, cowtowing to the political power brokers who line your coffers.