The Memorial


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Good week last week capped off with the Munoz top 10.

A few e/w plays to start the week

Patrick Cantlay +1600
Hideki Matsuyama +2500
Shane Lowry +5000
Doug Ghim +10000


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Have to add one from the Rex on the Korn Ferry Tour.
Grayson Murray +9000 to win/+1000 t10
- Grayson has no real form whatsoever right now. But knowing Grayson, he loves nothing more than to drop in on his hometown event and try to big time the KFT guys. He knows Wakefield better than anyone and has a 2nd place here. It poured this evening. The course will be wet, long...and set up for a ton of birdies. Which does fit Grays


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Like Matsuyama +2500 E/W as well...going to throw a bit on a few longshots Cameron Smith +4500, Fowler +6600, Kuchar +11000
Good luck Havy!


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Tough 6-5 finish for Hideki today. Weather made a mess of things at both Memorial and Rex. Never helpful for getting matchups in...but have the morning wave all finished so some matchups to play for round 2.

Round 2 matchups
Grillo -200 over MattNesmith
BSteele +116 over SWKim
BrendanTodd -117 over MaxHoma
PatReed -110 over Hideki
Xander +102 over Rahm


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Rough day on the matchups but have 3 of our guys in the top 15

Round 3 Matchups:
BTodd -110 over TroyMerritt
HalVarner +100 over CamTringale
DocRedman +120 over MartyLaird
BillHo -110 over Bez


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Bizarre week on all fronts continues. Matchups are not good at all but have Cantlay tied for the lead and Lowry in ew range. Brutal situation with Rahm.

Round 4 Matchups:
JTP +100 over Doc
JDuff +130 over CamTring
SungKang +300 over JT
Bryson -210 MichalThompson
DWillett +110 over TroyMerritt
JimHerman +300 over X


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Thanks guys! Cantlay and to a lesser extent, Shane Lowry and Sung Kang, turned a down matchup week around to a very nice week.

And sick for Lexi. Heartbreaking to watch that back 9.