Thursday baseball:


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1* ST. Louis -120
1* Seattle -130
1* Pittsburgh +115
1* Cleveland -165
1* Houston -155
1* Colorado -205

MLB Record- 79-60 +20.99

I took Wednesday off, and today I have a six pack of selections. Guess I'm subliminally getting ready for the weekend LOL.

Last night the Cubs snapped a 13 game losing streak on the road to St. Louis. Today I'm looking for the Cardinals to get another win streak going. The Cards are 7-1 TY at home when Benes starts, and 5-2 when it's against the Cubs. St. Louis is 13-3 at home TY when the total is 8.5 or less. Chicago is 2-8 L/3Y after batting .315 plus over a 5 game span. Lieber in 13 starts has a 4.89 ERA verses St. Louis, and is 0-3 L/3 games at St. Louis. The Cardinals are now 24-6 L/30 at home verses Chicago.

Oakland has given Seattle fits in this series. However they usually don't come through when Lidle starts. The A's are 3-9 when he takes the mound this year, and 2-5 at home. Seattle is 6-0 in road games when Halama takes the hill. He is 10-2 vs teams w/a batting average of. 260 or less, and 9-2 as a road fav of 150 or less. Seattle is 38-13 L/3Y verses AL teams scoring 4.7 or less RPG.

Philly is a now 1-6 TY has a road fav of 125 to 150, and 67-103 vs LHS since 1996. Pittsburgh has won 14 games at home TY, and almost half have came when Anderson takes the mound. His team is 6-2 in home games when he starts. he has a 2.77 ERA verse Philly with a WHIP of 1.154. Philly is 3-4 when Person starts and 3-4 on the road. He is 1-3 verses the Pirates w/ a 6.65 ERA. He also has allowed 16 ER his last 14.3 IP. Pittsburgh is 6-3 L/9 at home verses Philly.

Romero brings his 10.29 road ERA and 1-8 road record to Cleveland tonight. He and the Twins could be a sight for sore eyes to Wright. Minnesota is a team Wright has had down pat in recent years. He has allowed just 3 ER his last 25 innings pitched verses the Twins. He is 6-3 verses Minny w/ a 3.28 ERA. Romero is 0-2 verse Clevlandw/a 6.75 ERA, and a WHIP of 1.874. Looking for Wright to get back to basics and hold Minny in check while Cleveland takes advantage of Romero's road woes.

Houston comes into this one winning 5 of their last 7 games. The Reds come in winners of only 1 in their last 9. They are 15-31 L/3Y after losing 7 of their last 8 games. McKnight made his season MLB debut last weekend verse Texas. Throwing 6 innings allowing just 1 ER. However it wasn't his first MLB start. His team is 6-1 in the majors when he makes a start, and going back to last year he has allowed just 4 ER his L/21 IP. Davis makes his first ever road MLB start tonight. I don't look for him to have much success with these hot Houston bats. Play against road dogs of 150 to 200 w/a team OB% of .350 or less. 252-119 67.9% L/5Y.

Arizona is 2-0 when Bierbrodt starts this year. Both games were at Arizona, however. Tonight he brings his 11.57 ERA into Colorado. He faces off against Hampton, and Colorado is 11-3 when he makes a start this year. Plus a 5-1 mark when he starts at home. He is 4-2 verse Arizona w/a 2.89 ERA. Arizona is 2-12 as a road dog of 200 to 225. Hampton is 55-17 as a home favorite since 1996. Play on NL home favs of 200 to 225 scoring 5.2 plus RPG. 135-44 75.4% L/5Y




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As always, great insights..appreciate your time and energies in your write ups...looks like Cleveland may have turned the corner for now..with the come back almost/win tues and the spirited (came to life when 1st base coach Ted Unlander got tossed in the 4th or 5th) seemed to ignite them..bull pen came through with Finley only lasting 4 innings..
I'm glad you're on Wright & Tribe tonight, I like them also....Again thanks for your write ups and best of luck today!


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Hi Doc;
I've got no time for capping today so doing some coattailing when I find time to read.
I was looking for an opinion on the Seattle game and looks like I found it here.
Seattle -115 it is. Thanks for the time and the pick.
Actually I'm doing the gambling taboo of betting the afternoon games just to bet.
So far on Braves under 8 and Cubs over 8 1/2.
Good luck with your plays. I might be back.
Cheers. Grizz.


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Thanks for the picks Doc. I always play your picks, and it seems as if you know what youre talking about. The analysis really makes me feel confident about the plays, and if they lose, I can look back and see that there was a good basis for the pick. Thanks doc!


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Tough night last night, but all is well. After last nights troubles we are back to almost even for the week (-0.54-units) I feel I capped these games correctly, and over a long period of time they will win more than they lose. I'm actually up beat today and that is usually a good sign for me after a losing day. I like to call it "PMA" "Positive Mental Attitude" in my opinion it's a must to have when sports investing. Back later today with the plays. Good luck to everyone tonight, and congrats to yesterday's winners.