Todays Pucks (Tue Apr 23)


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Yesterday 2-2 for -10
Playoffs STD 14-17 for +58

A whole bunch of plays today, never know how i end up with so many.

Toronto Pick +122
Toronto/Over 4.5 -109 -- Gotta take the better team getting plus money, the only thing the Islanders have shown in this series is that they are good at whining and crying about the officiating. Islanders have 1 goal in 2 games against the Leafs, Yashin still hasn't shown up in the playoffs, and it's the Isles 1st home playoff game in 9 years. The Leafs have more playoff experience, more veterans and know how to win in the playoffs. Toronto does not want this series to stretch out, and i think they go for the kill tonite. While we haven't had success with the Over 4.5 total's in the first week of the playoffs, anything -110 or Under i will play blindly. Have to think the Isles getting to homeice that they are good for atleast 2 goals tonite, and i definitely think the Leafs can get 2 by Osgood.

Carolina Pick +185 -- This to me is the most important game of the series, especially for Carolina. Carolina did not look good in Game 3, but i expect a real strong effort from them tonite. This is the first of b-t-b games, these two teams play Game 5 tomorrow nite in Carolina. Shall the Canes lose tonite, they have to turn around and play less than 24 hours later and having lost 2 straight and the series now tied 2-2. I don't think Carolina wants that. they win tonite, they're 3-1 going home for tomorrow's game. Carolina is absolutely good enough to beat the Devils. Carolina has a 2-1 series lead despite their top line of Francis-Kapanen-Oneil only getting 1 point so far in the entire series. Special teams is equal, and other than last game, Irbe has been solid. Going with the Canes tonite.

Montreal/Under 5 -120 -- I just can't see another wide open 6-4 game again tonite. Won't happen. I agree with what Thornton of Boston said, on the road, they will concentrate defensively more and in their own end and pay attention to detail. The UNder was 19-16 in Boston road games this year and 22-13 in Montreal home games. While there has been 17 goals scored in the first 2 games of this series, the PP's are only a combined 3 for 20 for 15%. Montreal's PK at home this year was 89%, Boston's pk overall was 87% and is over 90% last 5 games. I think the switch in venues tonite makes all the difference, and i think we see a 2-1 game tonite.

Stlouis Pick -110
Stlouis/Over 4.5 -110 -- Chicago starting Steve Passmore? Tell me the last team in the playoffs to start 2 different goaltenders in a series without injury being a factor. You know something is wrong when... I've said all year long, Chicago's goaltending, defence and penalty killing will be there downfall come playoff time. Didn't know there offence would be a problem too, but they've now been shutout in b-t-b games in Games 2 and 3 heading into Game 4 tonite. Stlouis has scored a Powerplay goal in 7 of their last 10 games and in all 3 games in this series, and their PP is over 30% last 5 games. Stlouis's Pk is 90% last 5 games compared to Chicago's who is 72%. Also Chicago is without Odelyne tonite on defence, who played 30+ minutes in Games 1 and 2 and 20+ before he got thrown out of game 3. If Boris Mironov can't go either who is doubtful, that leaves an already weak Hawks defence very thin. They don't have anyone to step in and replace those 30 minutes in a game. I think Chicago will finally score a couple goals tonite, but it still won't be enough.

LAKings Pick -115 -- Thought about this one long and hard all day. La played a great game last nite, real physical, especially with Forsberg. How will Forsberg handle b-t-b games tonite after the beating he took last nite? The #1 line of LA is dominating in this series, were in on all 3 LA goals last nite. LAkings are 10-0-2 last 12 games at home going back to the regular season, like the way they are playing at home, and i think they extend this series further. The other factor i see is LA has been competitive in this series and won last nite without their special teams. La didn't even get a Powerplay last nite and won 3-1. They've been scoring at even strenght this entire series, and that's something they didn't do in the regular season, believe they were in the bottom 5 in the league in even strengh goals. LAKings have the #1 special teams in the league heading into the playoffs, so i see it as a big factor that they've been competitive at even strength in this series. Back to back games on the road for Colorado, decided to go with the home team tonite.

Vancouver Pick +155
Vancouver/Over 5.5 +125 -- I was on Detroit in Game 3, but man do i feel we were lucky to get the win with them. I felt if that game went 1-1 going to the 3rd that Vancouver would win. Then Lidstrom takes that shot from Centreice with 30 seconds left in the 2nd period to make it 2-1 and the whole complexion of the game changed. Fine, new game tonite. I just like to much the way the Canucks have been playing. They've been hitting and their speed has been skating circles around the Wings. Their cycle game has been great. As for Detroit, Yzerman is hurt. He is showing so much heart just being out there, but how much can this guy do? Haven't heard Robitaille's name mentioned once, Brett Hull-pointless. Chelios getting hammered around by Bertuzzi at every blink of the eye. After watching the first 3 games, i feel like the Wings have met their match in this series, and that the age factor of Detroit has caught up to them. Vancouver is the highest scoring team in the league, their PP is now even better than the Wings PP, and the Canucks PK last 5 games is 82% compared to 73% for Detroit. There will be one reason why if the Canucks lose this game tonite, and that will be Cloutier. If he does something bone-headed like in Game 3, then Vancouver will lose. He needs to play solid for Vancouver to win, no BAD goals. Man, backing Potvin and Cloutier in the same nite against Roy and Hasek. What am i thinking! :) As for the Over, to nice a price to pass up with these two teams. Last game was lucky to stay at 4 goals, two highest scoring teams in the league, can't see it happening again.

No bad luck tonite!
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best of luck tonite cover,im with you on stl,really like them ,ive got sinking feeling that if vancouver doesnt win tonite ..... your thoughts nbl emmitt

Joe C

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Cover I like most of your picks with the exception of Vancouver, I feel that Detroit is getting better with each game while Canucks have been the same and Cloutier to me will crack, but the price is right for your Canucks pick that's for sure, best of luck tonight.


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I also like all the other side plays except for Vancouver. This is what I said in my yesterday´s posting:

I have a feeling that the previous game might have been the turning point in this series and that the Red Wings are hard to stop now after finally managing to end their 6 game losing streak. A very good news for them is that Hasek finally stopped leaking goals and started playing on his true level allowing only one goal and stopping 22 shots. Also I wonder if allowing a goal by a shot from the center ice might have some effect on Cloutier´s self-confidence (remember what happened to Salo after the Olympics...). At least Lidström said that getting a goal like that was huge for them. I believe that the Wings have the psychological edge now.

Those are basically the reasons why I took the Wings for 2 units at -170 Pk and half a unit for -1.5 at +200.

Best of luck!


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I am with you on the Vancouver pick as I see this series much the same as you do. Detroit looks old and beat up the guy they depend on (Yzerman) is really hurting and fedorov cannot lead never has. Interesting about Hasek when he was in Buffalo any team success was a great accomplishment now he is in Detroit anything less than a Stanley Cup and he is a failure. I think he may be the one who cracks under the pressure as Cloutier is in the underdog role and really has nothing to lose in this series.

Cover on a side note I was thinking today if Philadelphia played Chicago and the Flyers were on the PP for 60 minutes would the game go to OT scoreless ? Which would break first the Flyers abysmal PP or the Hawks horrid PK ?


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Hoover - That is a very good question. LOL. No words i could say that can describe how pathetic Phily is. Shutout in 9 regulation periods by the Ottawa Senators with two of those three games on homeice. Not even Atlanta or TampaBay could have accomplished that feat.

As for Detroit-Vancouver, i can see both sides of the argument. I've been on both sides of this series, so even i've had both viewpoints. Tonite's game decides it in my eyes. Could go either way, but obviously i bet it to go the Canucks way tonite. Only time will tell


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best of luck with yer picks tonite cover i like a lot of them except bruins game goes over i believe. im riding that one till a game stays under. how did your exams go chris?


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Good simmer, thanx for asking. Maybe the Habs game will land right on 5, 2-2 into Ot sounds about right. :)