Travelers - TPC River Highlands


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Back to a course I have played..and it is great fun, especially the back 9.

EW Plays
PatReed +2400
Abe Ancer +2800
KevinStreelman +3300
RickieFowler +5300
DocRedman +7500
KyleStanley +9500

Top former UNLV player
CharlieHoffman +120 over AdamScott and RyanMoore


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Good luck Havy!
Was looking at Ancer +2500 and Redman +9000 also...kinda like Casey +1800, not very good odds a bit on SW Kim +5000


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Blah day...seems half the field or more is between +1 and -2...

Thanks seymour

Round 2 Matchups
Bubba -165 over Phil
Brooks -145 over Finau
Leish +170 over Cantlay
Lanto +100 over AdamScott


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Good day today with 2-0-2 on the matchups...have Reed and Doc at t20 so alive there.

Round 3 Matchups
AdamScott -165 over JBHolmes
AbeAncer -250 over DaveHearn
HalVarner -250 over AndrewSvoboda
FlatStanley -160 over JJSpaun
Chez -130 over AndrewPutnam
ZJ -200 over JasonBlixt
HarryEnglish -190 over BeauHossler
Doc -170 over Kodaira
PatCantlay -190 over Gooch
DougGhim +102 over Poults
RyArmour -120 over MarkHubbard
RussHenley -170 over KramHickock


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A few more plays...

RussHenley +1400/+300 win/t5
RyanArmour +400 top10

RussHenley +1400 3rd round leader


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So close with Russ on the 3rd round lead today...but he has a good shot tomorrow. Abe is still alive for a place finish. Maybe Reed also.

5-3-4 on the matchups today. Amazingly, 6 pushes in 16 matches so far thus week.

Round 4 Matchups:
RyMoore -130 over NateLashley
SamRyder -130 over JoBlixt
FlatStanley -200 over JJSpaun
Chez +110 over CarlosOrtiz
PatReed -145 over CharleyHoffman
AbeAncer -210 LucasHerbert
KHLee -120 over BriceGarnett